You are welcome to join the ICP Ambassador Talks with Charles Garrett OBE, Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic. The event will consist of brief introductory remarks by the Chair and HM Ambassador, followed by an open discussion between the audience and HM Ambassador. You may expect discussions about Brexit, UK’s foreign policy, UK’s mission and role in Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Date: November 26, Tuesday
Time: 15.35
Place: room 410

Those interested to come click the "attend" button.


Charles Edmund Garrett joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 1987. His career has been divided between Europe with postings in Cyprus and Switzerland, and East Asia with postings in Hong Kong and Taipei.

In his work on Europe Mr Garrett served as Head of EU Enlargement Team (2003-2005), Deputy Head of Central European Department (2001-2003), Head of Political and Public Affairs in Berne (1997-2001) and as Third Secretary Political Affairs in Nicosia (1987-1988). In the 1990s he served as Head of the Balkans Team of the UK Know How Fund (1995-1997).

Working on East Asia he has served in the Hong Kong Joint Liaison Group (1988-1989 and 1990-1993) and the Hong Kong Department in the Foreign Office (1993-1995). He was Deputy Director of the British Trade & Cultural Office in Taipei (2005-2009).

Serving in London, Charles was on secondment as Foreign Affairs Liaison at the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust (2012-2013) and as Head of International Relations at the Organising Committee of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (2010-2012). He was part of the Strategic Finance Team (2009-2010) and early in his career he was part of the Economic Relations Department (1987-1988).