On this art tour we will visit studios of local artists, get acquainted with their diverse art and delve into the atmosphere of creativity.
Some of these artists had studied in different cities of Russia and their artistic career developed in the 90s. When the official Soviet “socialist realism” style was not relevant anymore, the artists tried applying different styles and techniques.
In search of their own art, they returned back to Kyrgyzstan, its authentic culture, history, traditions and nature. The Kyrgyz art has its own features: its characters are poetic and thoughtful, and they are depicted as one with the surrounding nature.
Kyrgyz artists often depict quiet villages where they have spent their childhood, wide pasture lands in the mountains, horses and traditional games and mother’s delicious home-baked bread.
We will also visit a non-standard artist whose artwork is focused on metaphysical and spiritual dimension. His ideas of “becoming empty”, “purifying one’s energy” so that one can “experience every moment fresh” are reflected on his artworks.
The space, building, stairs in his home-museum are all used to make art alive. The artist also reuses materials like wood, glass, toys, used household items in his artworks which give the three dimensional effect to the artworks.
COST: 1500 som per person
LOCATION: 3 Karasaev str.
"This was a fascinating experience. We were encouraged to wander around the studio rooms, and interact with some of the art works. After the tour, we disembarked back into normal city life, but the inclusive and lively tour which we had just engaged, had given us a unique opportunity to experience the genuine creative passions of Bishkek artists today."
-Number of participants will be limited to 8;
-Respecting social distance;
-Transport will be used to move from one location to another. Wear masks on the transport.
For questions, e-mail us or phone: [email protected],
+996 770 33 4040
+996 559 336 001